About Me  



From child hood was in to basic pencil sketching and painting have won some competitions in painting and sketching when I was in school and college . At first got 2 tattoos from a local artist in Bangalore ( year 1998) after that got the 3rd tattoo in 2000 so the craze to learn the tattoo art began, so started hunting for good professional tattoo artist and fortunately found a Russian professional tattoo artist from st Petersburg Russia he trained me for couple of months and then it was just practice and practice.

Started BRAMHA TATTOO STUDIO in my out house which is located in high grounds near shivananda circle behind sindhi high school (September 2002 ) was working from that place till 2004 feb then shifted to Brigade road cause many of my friends insisted I move on to more high end fashion street so many people get benfit of my tattoo art, my studio was the first professional tattoo studio in Bangalore, to say first European style tattoo studio other than me there were many learning tattoo artists working form there homes in Bangalore, have done plenty of tattoos in bangalore, hydrebad ,and Chennai.

In my studio we use best equipments available in India and western countries me use disposable kits, have all types of colour inks including U V glow inks which are approved by FOOD AND DRUG AUTHORITY ( F D A ) of united states of america, we get needles from korea etc.. as I am trained by professional artist we use disposable kits only the machine and its parts would be autoclaved ( sterilizing machine used before surgical procedures by doctors and surgeons to sterilize surgical instruments in clinics and hospitals ) so we guarantee our clients that getting tattooed in our studio it would be 100% safe. we also have pain free tattoo where we use aneasthetic to numb the area and do the tattoo so they wont feel a thing, we have enough space for our client to sleep on a bed which can be adjusted to the right place where the client is getting tattooed, and also we give complete privacy for the client if they require when they are getting tattooed , we also play good trance music to soothe ones mind.

I have around 60, 000 sixty thousand tattoo designs ( tattoo art ,flash ,motifs etc) which are mostly classified in to western traditional tribal, celtic, fantasy, animals, Japanese, Chinese , thai , asian, kanji ,religious, Aztec , gothic , complete body art, hand sleeve art, full hand art, and bio-mechanical art, Indian traditional, tribal ,spiritual, sculpture art, and Indian gods designs, portrait art, and custom made art, I also guide people how they have to select (choose) the art.

I basically come form a Brahmin priest family from Bangalore, so I am more interested in our rich Indian culture and philosophy, schooling and college done in Bangalore, have learnt and practiced vedic astrology, numerology and palmistry , trained in basic martial arts –now I only listen to trance music.

Have studied people who have done Phd about Indian tattoo designs what does a tattoo symbolize on a person what energy it gives, where it has to be placed on the body ,why it has to placed in certain region what energy it holds according to hindhu mythology, how can tattoo emit negative energy on the persons mind which tattoo give more positive energy to a person etc….